FUN without borders

por | Ago 30, 2021 | News

After a journey of hours, we arrived in San Pedro de Iguaque for a new delivery of donations of cycling equipment in which Scotiabank and 14 OCHOMILES participated. There are no limits to multiply smiles!!

At the Esteban Chaves Foundation, there are no borders when it comes to bringing smiles to Colombia’s children and youth and planting seeds in their lives that motivate their dreams and promote their fun.

In this new day of giving donations, we traveled to San Pedro de Iguaque in Boyacá, a beautiful town, before the conquest that adds 119.52 square kilometers and whose economic engine is the farmer and dairy.

We visited the Champions de Chíquiza school to give their young cyclists kits with sports equipment and two bicycles collected together with 14 OCHOMILES in the annual #FUNBox campaign. We also carry equipment donated by Scotiabank and also uniforms of the cycling team that we bring from the foundation. In that place were born Einer Rubio, cyclist who passed his youth stage in our squad and who today belongs to the UCI World Tour platoon with the Movistar Team; and José Álex López, young talent and member of the youth category of our team.

About 30 children and young people with their families received us with a smile, as well as a cup of coffee and arepas. In addition, the mayor, architect Elkin Suárez and social manager Nubia Suárez were present.

Danilo Pineda is one of the members of this cycling school. «It is a great honor for me to have you in my municipality. These gifts are very beautiful, it is as if they give us half of our future. Thanks to the Esteban Chaves Foundation, Scotiabank and 14 OCHOMILES».

Jeimy Juliana also participates in this training process: «Thank you for coming and for bringing us these kits with cycling clothing. They are of great help and an impulse».

Javier Esteban Rubio is 5 years old, and it is a drop of love: «I like very much the uniform that we gave. The back pockets are very cool. It has four pockets. There I can put the yogurt, the toy, the silver, or sometimes the keys».

«We are very happy for the visit and for the gifts. They have opened a door and a way for us. Thanks to the foundation, don Jairo and the whole team. These guys have many needs. They motivate us a lot with all this”, says Exelino Alba, coach of Campeones de Chíquiza cycling school.

Through the delivery of donations of cycling equipment, a strategy that we implemented several years ago, we promote the practice of cycling in Colombia, cultivate habits of physical activity and use of free time supporting the work of schools, clubs and entities that with dedication and effort develop the sport in their regions and need our hand

At FUN Esteban Chaves we believe in the transformative power of sport and cycling. Together, #MultiplicandoSonrisas.