In FUN we promote social inclusion

por | Mar 10, 2020 | News

Since 2019, due our partnership with the Cardioinfantil Foundation and the solidarity of thousands of people, we’ve helped 32 children and teenagers to be overcome orthopedic problems and achieve their dreams of walking, play or write.
During childhood, the first steps of the human being works towards his own autonomy, his spirit of exploration and his physical and cognitive development. Through a partnership with the Cardioinfantil Foundation (FCI, spanish abbreviation) and the solidarity of more than 2,000 worldwide donors, from Esteban Chaves Foundation we continue to contribute to the transformation of children with orthopedic problems, which also affect their ability to write or play normally.
Today, 32 children from Pasto, Casanare, Bogotá, Caquetá, Guajira, Tolima and Cundinamarca have benefited from the Esteban Chaves “Gran Fundo” collective donation campaign, which is activated once a year. Club-foot, hip dysplasia or lower or upper limb affections due to cerebral palsy are the most common issues of children who come to FUN. «These disabilities directly affect their psychological, emotional, personal and social aspects and create exclusion barriers,» says Dr. Pablo Rosselli, one of the FCI orthopedic member team.

Norma Rojas, Johanny and Carollina Rubio

The last children involved was Johanny Stiven Borray, born in Florencia, Caquetá, who received surgery this week on his lower limbs. «I’m very happy. I have been waiting for this operation for many years. Now I want to recover well so I can walk. That’s my dream, «says the 11 year old. Norma Rojas, her mother, has a smile from ear to ear and she is full of gratitude in her heart. «I feel the most grateful women. Thanks to FUN and the Cardioinfantil doctors. I’m very happy. That is his dream and also the one of the whole family, «, she says.

The FCI orthopedic team that collaborates with us at FUN is lead by doctors Julio Sandoval, Luisa Delgado, Camilo Turriago, Astrid Medina, Camilo Estrada and Luis Cely. With this partnership we want to give the opportunity to low-income and vulnerable families and children who could not be treated under the national health system, do not have no access to private health care assistance or because of delays in care or inefficiency in referring them to specialist to be rehabilitated, they do not have the opportunity to access to this kind of procesures. In FUN we provide this opportunity to transform their lives.

It all started in late 2018. Back then, our goal was to raise enough money to operate Kevin. And it was achieved. His multiple reconstructive surgeries were a success. However, wanting to help more children, these projects grew like a snowball. For Esteban Chaves, the fact that we have reached 32 operated children is incredible: «It is a further sign that it does not exist impossible when you do things with love and dedication. We have formed an extraordinary work team with FCI and FUN. I want to thank on behalf of FUN those who have supported us and contributed to the Esteban Chaves “Grand Fundo”. Because of them, it is possible».

Carolina Rubio, Esteban’s mother, is the coordinator of the FUN health area. «This is a project that fills us with satisfaction and happiness. Thank you all. It is inexplicable the feeling that I have and that produces to change the lives of these children. Seeing their smiles, and those of their parents, uncles or grandparents, touches our hearts and motivates us to keep working». Through these interventions, we radically improve the situation of children and also of their environment and family, removing discrimination barriers, marginality and promoting social inclusion and well-being. Now, these 32 operated children have accomplished their dream of walking and running, and are closer to accomplish any goal they set.