Next stop: Vuelta de la Juventud 2021

por | Abr 3, 2021 | News

April fifth to April eleventh  we will be  participating in the most important U-23 race of Colombia.  FUN Team Esteban Chaves – Team INCA. Two cultures, one vision!

The 54th edition of the Vuelta de la Juventud, competition organized by the Colombian Cycling Federation, will take place in Colombian sates of:  Norte de Santander, Santander, Boyacá and Cundinamarca. We will be racing this year again partnered as FUN Esteban Chaves – Team INCA. Team INCA is a french cycling academy of the Ag2r that is part of the UCI World Tour.

Our bike riders for this year will be: Luis Mario Marmolejo (Jumbo, Valle del Cauca), Sergio Granados (Bogotá), Nicolás Borrás (Bogotá), Óscar Blanco (Bogotá), Diomedes Velandia (San Mateo, Boyacá) and Santiago Vélez (Dovio, Valle del Cauca).

Partnered with Team INCA we are working to develop a joined U-23 category and  participating in races of this level with bike riders trained in our  FUN Team early categories (U-16 and U-18) to given them the chance to join the French team.

The staff that will be  traveling to la Vuelta a la Juventud along with  the bike riders  is: Jairo Chaves, GM of FUN Esteban Chaves, Wilson Sandoval, Sports Director of FUN Chaves, Louise Faure, Coach and Sports Director of Team INCA, Jhon Maldonado, Coach og FUN Esteban Chaves, Paula Álvarez, Physiotherapist, Gelvis Santamaría, Mechanic, and Mauricio Casas, Logistics and Warehouse Coordinator.



🗣️Jairo Chaves, GM of FUN Chaves: «We are betting on talented youngsters providing  huge opportunities for them and for all of us to continue the development of this project. It will be a nice experience to start the year. A big challenge in a relevant and interesting competition».

🗣️Martin Chavignier, co-president of Team INCA: «Living one of the most important races of the category in Latin America contributes to the development of our project. On of the goals is to  take every opportunity. We are excited to win stages and reach an important place in the GC».

🗣️Nicolás Borrás: «I am excited to start the season. I have high expectations for my personal and the whole team  performance during this competition. It will be an interesting race, the route is mixed, perfect to test and to adjust the preparation of the rest of the year».

🗣️Luis Mario Marmolejo: «My feelings are very good. We hope to make a very good race and face the challenge as best as possible. Being back with FUN Chaves – Team INCA makes me very happy. I will always be learning and getting the best version of myself to grow».



Our debut in this competition was in 2020 also with Team INCA. The balance was very positive. That time the bike riders who represented us were Diomedes Velandia, Sergio Granados, Nicolás Borrás and Luis Mario Marmolejo. It was an enriching experience.

In the general standings, two of them were placed in the top 40: Granados (38; winner of a special sprint in the fourth stage) and Velandia (39). Nico Borrás (79) and Luis Mario Marmolejo (112) also completed a very good job. Velandia, Granados and Borrás, who are now part of Team INCA, were part of the early categories of the FUN Team.

Racing in the Vuelta de la Juventud 2021, which promotes semi-professional cycling in the country, excites us. We want to give our best, for a cycling with values and without borders.




For this race, our uniform will hold a message from our heart to medical personnel from Colombia, France and around the world who have been in the front line of the fight against the Covid-19, giving their lives to protect and take care of us.