One heart

por | Ago 21, 2021 | News

We share with more than 30 transplanted children to celebrate their lives and have fun. We bring them hugs and smiles, and in addition, kits with sports equipment that motivate the practice of sport and physical activity, vital to their well-being.

Life is lived once. Therein lies its secret. The actions we do with love towards others during our journey are the most beautiful and the ones we will never forget. Thanks to an alliance with the Colombian Association of Transplanted Athletes (ACODET), a wonderful entity that promotes and promotes recreation, the use of leisure time and sport in patients with transplantation of organs essential for life, we organized a very special activity.

We shared an afternoon with 30 children transplanted kidney, liver and bone marrow from different regions of Colombia, including Bogotá, Neiva, Cundinamarca and Boyacá, and we gave them sports and cycling equipment along with 14 OCHOMILES and Kanguro Clothing, our two partners.

To these people life gave a new opportunity to live. In their medical processes physical activity and sport are great allies to boost their development and help take care of their body.

«We gather to celebrate life and second chances. It is important to motivate these children. Sport helps them to keep the organ healthy and their body in better condition. We want you to be happy and believe and make your dreams come true. Thank you, Esteban, the foundation, 14 OCHOMILES and Kanguro Clothing. ¡ Thank you for multiplying your smiles!».


Mónica Forero is Ana’s 4-year-old mother, a liver transplant. «We thank you very much. These clothes and implements are very important to encourage them to be in some sport. Ani practices swimming. She loves». «I am a liver transplant. I want to thank the Esteban Chaves Foundation for this beautiful moment and the association. This means a lot. You feel you should be thankful for it. I like to play basketball. I beat my dad. I also practice swimming. What I liked most about the kit was this water bottle, «says Emanuel, 7. Cristian, his father, tells us that his process has been improving. «It has been a pretty tough challenge. We are very strong and have a lot of faith. These gifts are a great support for us».

To roll the life

Among the gifts we carry two bicycles -one for a girl and one for a boy- that we received within the donations in the last campaign of FUN Box with 14 OCHOMILES. After a frozen game among all the girls who were in the activity, Sarita, 14, was the winner of one of the bikes: «I didn’t have a bike I really like it. I feel a lot of emotion and happiness because I will be able to ride», he expresses.

Omar Santiago, 13, was chosen to be the owner of the other ship. Today he is on the waiting list. He needs a new kidney. «I am very happy. The bike I had was too small for me. For me it means a great joy. Now I can go out to drive, go to the store, ride with friends. Thanks to the Foundation and 14 OCHOMILES. I love them very much!».


It is worth giving, sharing and believing in life and dreams. Cycling is fun, joy, freedom. And sport is a source of life and health. Thanks to ACODET for making this meeting a reality. Thanks to the families of these children, and especially to them who live life with an immense smile. ¡ Participating in this day moved the deepest fibers of our heart!