Our Merch FUN extends

por | Oct 6, 2021 | News

From now on you can find the Merch FUNclothes and accessoriesat the 14 OCHOMILES Bogotá store on 122nd Street. We look forward to see you there!

We’re happy to announce that, in partnership with 14 OCHOMILES, our Merch FUN apparel and accessories are now available at your Calle 122 store in Bogotá. With this 100% Colombian brand we have been working for some years in different projects that add to the cause #MultiplicandoSonrisas in favor of children and youth in Colombia.

It’s the first time we have the garments and accessories of the foundation, with social sense, in a physical place for those people who like to see, feel and measure clothes and accessories. Hats, uniforms of the cycling team, necks with the magic smile of Esteban Chaves, shirts and bags, are available in a special stand that we organize for you and we hope you like it very much.

«It’s a source of pride to be the first physical showcase that FUN Chaves has to display its MERCH FUN. We know that all the contributions that reach FUN are used in social causes in favor of children and youth in Colombia and that work deserves our full support. As allies of the FUN team and knowledgeable of the great work our interest is to support. We invite you!», says John Hernandez, 14 OCHOMILES marketing coordinator.

Remember that the donations you make through the Merch FUN destined to the social causes of our foundation: support the medical treatment of children with orthopedic problems and the sporting process of the young riders of our youth cycling team.

If you’re in Bogotá visit the 14 OCHOMILES store: Calle 122# 18- 56 (opening hours, Monday to Saturday from 10:30am-7:30pm).

If you want to find out something special about the Merch FUN write to info@funchaves.org.

See you soon!!