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por | Ago 4, 2021 | News

More than 30 young people who make up the cycling team of the Future Sports Stars Foundation received kits with jerseys, slippers, gloves, helmets, caps, among other items donated by ProOwnedCycling. Wonderful!

For us it is very gratifying and a reason for special joy to make donations of accessories and cycling apparel that we receive from many people, and also from companies that join the cause in which smiles and dreams are the standard bearers. We tell you that we have just experienced a unique moment in the framework of this initiative called FUN Box.

More than 30 young people between the ages of 13 and 18 who are part of the cycling team of the Future Sports Stars Foundation (Mifed) were chosen in a new day of donations that, this time, we activated thanks to ProOwnedCycling, a European company that markets cycling equipment and that made possible this beautiful social work in which we agree as entities that want to transform the society.


🗨️   Samuel Huertas and Johan Stiven Corredor are two of the cyclists who received some spectacular kits: «I am very grateful for these gifts: a sweatshirt, a sweater that is very cool, stockings and a vest that I needed. All this works for us and motivates us quite a lot», says Samuel.

🗨️   Johan liked the shoes the most. «I just put them on. I replaced them with the ones I had. I feel them tighter. They are much better. Thanks to the foundation ProOwned! for this».

🗨️   Julián David Ruiz, Mifed’s founder and coach : «We want to thank you with all our heart for taking us into account and for giving so generously. These young cyclists who are starting out in the sports race are filled with happiness».

Carolina Rubio, FUN Esteban Chaves’s co-founder: «On behalf of Esteban, the Foundation and ProOwnedCycling, we have come to give you these details with love and affection. Continue to enjoy and learn from cycling, and remember that dreams can be fulfilled with persistence».

We thank ProOwnedCycling very much for these donations, for trusting us as a vehicle so that children and young people from academies and clubs from different parts of Colombia who work for the development of cycling with great effort can use them.

If you have cycling apparel and accessories that you want to give a new value to and that you know can serve someone, contact us and join FUN Box: info@funchaves.org.

Let’s team up! Together, #MultiplicandoSonrisas.