Sebastián Bolívar, second place in the Novato de Oro 2021

por | Oct 12, 2021 | News

With a lot of desire to learn and keep adding in the process, we were in Antioquia in the Novato de Oro 2021. Our U-16 riders completed a very good race achieving the second step of the podium with Sebas Bolívar.

We live an incredible experience in the Novato de Oro Bike House 2021, a competition that returned to the calendar after 10 years of absence. With our full category roster, made up of cyclists Sebastián Bolívar, Fernando Velosa, Jesús Sánchez, Erick Parra, Juan Sebastián Zamudio and Kevin Roa, we participated with intention and awareness of an important step in the process.

In the general standings, whose champion was Juan Diego Suárez, from Nueva Generación club, Kevin Roa finished in the 6th place, Fernando Velosa in the 8th, Juan Zamudio in the 12th and Erick Parra in the 42nd and Jesús Sánchez in the 47th.

Jhon Maldonado, technical director: «They have evolved a lot. A very technical and coaching career. There were some mechanical drawbacks punctured, competition-specific contingencies. The important thing is that the boys faced the problems well and were able to stand up and defend Sebastian».

Sebastián Bolívar: «I am happy, to make finished golden rookie, I was with very good feelings I felt very good, especially in the climbing. My colleagues were very attentive. I want to rescue the work of everyone, and my coach. I go home happy. I learned a lot».


In this same competition, in 2008, Esteban Chaves was crowned champion in the expert rookie category. That was one of his first great steps in his career in cycling. At that time, he wore the colors of the Bike House. Its first pines, in full formative stage, are today an example and motivate our riders.

In this category we have been working on a very interesting process, with the goal of the most important race at this level in the official calendar of the Colombian Cycling Federation, the Vuelta del Futuro, from 25 to 28 October. Worse before, we will be in Risaralda from 16 to 18 October at the Clásica Ruben Darío Gómez.

Together, guiding and accompanying these young cyclists to pursue their dreams. #LosSueñosSeCumplen.