Together we build a better world

por | Jun 4, 2020 | News

We say bye to Ride for Smiles (RFS), an event organized with Dan Marino Foundation (DMF) and possible due to the support of Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Hollywood, Scott, Celsius, JBI.Bike, Going, 14 Ochomiles, Hunter Kip Marketing, Suárez and Badia. The goal of this event was to unite the world and establish ties from affection with people from different countries through the bike, that machine that has marked our lives and that was the channel of communication and union that allowed us to funnel our desire to help.
At a historic moment in the world caused by the covid- 19, Ride for Smiles spread out its magic to provide opportunities for children and young people with physical and developmental difficulties by raising funds for their medical procedures and recovery. At the Esteban Chaves Foundation (FUN), through our Health Area, we work with children with orthopedic problems in Colombia and they receive specialized treatment through Fundación Cardioinfantil. DMF focuses its mission on empowering people with autism and other disabilities, providing specialized education techniques, employment opportunities and innovative technology in the United States.

Jairo Chaves, general manager of FUN and Dan Marino, DMF president, agreed on the excellent results of the campaign. They both ended up delighted with the results and very grateful to all those who joined to ride, donate or watch. «We are very honored by the engagement that RFS had. We are very happy and grateful to all those who joined this cause, the runners, donors, spectators and also the sponsors who believed in this project», said Jairo Chaves, FUN’s general manager.

«I am very satisfied with the partnership that DMF has formed with the Esteban Chaves Foundation. Bringing together people from more than 20 countries around the world to participate in a virtual event, with the mission of helping children with different abilities, exceeded everyone’s expectations. In my books that is a victory», says Dan Marino, NFL Hall of Fame member.

We are all one

To the virtual race, on Sunday May 24, was broadcast live streaming and joined 1,103 cyclists from more than 20 countries around the world. A significant number of cyclists who, for 60 minutes, pedaled without the objective of winning, but with a transcendental purpose, with an altruistic goal and a friendly and supportive sense. More than 120 people worldwide donated. One hundred per cent of the grants will be allocated to the treatment of children and adolescents with orthopaedic problems and developmental difficulties. Our sponsors gave away products that were raffled among donors: Scott’s Shield glasses, anchets of Going, FUN Team uniforms made by Suárez and a Wahoo’s Cyclo-Computers delivered by 14 Ochomiles, official distributor of that brand in Colombia, among others.


This was the first event teaming up FUN and DMF. Both foundations share the vision of empowering this population, supporting their development and contributing to build a more inclusive world. For Dan, «cycling is a great sport, great in South Florida, and something you can safely do indoors with the right equipment. When the opportunity arose to partner with the professional cyclist Esteban Chaves and his foundation, everything was put in place and we could work together to produce Ride for Smiles. We are looking forward to the next trip!».

The idea of creating new projects together and becoming a team again is exciting. «One of my favorite things during lockdown, was doing «Ride for Smiles» event. It was amazing to witness how FUN Esteban Chaves and DMF came together to plan every detail of the virtual ride and how people around the world connected to have some fun and get to know why we work every day. I feel really proud to have been part of it and I am confident, this was just one of many more initiatives we will work under DMF-FUN partnership», says Esteban Chaves, FUN’s co-founder and professional cyclist of Michelton- Scott Australian team.

Thanks to all! Thanks to unite to Ride for Smiles and multiply smiles!