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First edition of Clásica Esteban Chaves

Bogotá, Colombia.


  Women: Jennyfer Puentes (Club Esteban Chaves).

U-16: Camilo Castro (Soacha Wellbeing for All).

U-18: Juan Diego López (Corplas – Flejes Bomelo).

FUN Highlights: Santiago Buitrago, second in the general U-16 Category and Nicolás Sáenz, second in the general U- 18 Category.

Participants: 117 bike riders.



Fundación Esteban Chaves was born

Tenjo, Cundinamarca.

Chaves family created FUN to give back to sports all that it has given them. Under the motto #MultiplicandoSonrisas and with the intention of leaving a legacy to future generations.



FUN Cycling Team was created

Under the name Equipo Benros Esteban Chaves, we create the cycling team that competes in the U-16 and U-18 categories. A sports project in which young bike riders are trained under the work philosophy and values ​​of Esteban Chaves.

Participants: 65 teenagers in the selection process.

Selected: 9 U-16 and 9 U-18 talents.



Clásica Fundación Esteban Chaves’ second edition
Bogota Colombia.

Yenny Lorena Colmenares (Boyacá Race of Champions).

Daniel Méndez (Benros Esteban Chaves Team), and first in the mountain classification.

Juan José Amador (Cycling Team 4-72).

FUN Highlights:
Einer Rubio was second in the general youth category classification and second in the mountain classification.

Participants: 163 bike riders.


                                                                                            Auction “Dreams on a Bicycle”                                                                                                                    Bogota, Colombia.                                                                – At Gaira Café we auctioned jersey and items signed by great world-class pro bike riders. It was well received by athletes and public figures such as Mariana Pajón, Rigoberto Urán, Carlos Vives, Santiago Botero, among others. The resources collected were allocated to Fundación Esteban Chaves Team.



Fundación Esteban Chaves-Bikehouse Team

A new stage of our cycling team where we support teenagers who dream with being pro bike riders.

Participants: 200 teenagers in the selection process.

Selected: 9 U-16 and 9 U-18 talents.


                                                                                                   Nations Cup L’Abitibi tour.                                   Quebec, Canada.

We travel to the 49th edition of L’Abitibi in Quebec. We were represented by Daniel Méndez, Santiago Buitrago, Andrey Rodríguez, Sergio Granados, Daniel Gutiérrez and Brayan Borda. Next to them is Wilson Sandoval, coach and sports director, and Antonio Parra, mechanic. The BShop Bicycles brand is our partner in this adventure.

We win a sprint in one of the stages, thanks to Sergio Granados and the award for the most organized team in the village.


 Clásica Esteban Chaves IDRD – DIRECTV  Third edition                       Bogota, Colombia                                                                                         Winners:

Women: Liliana Moreno (Ingeni Olmo SMP Project).

U-16: Juan Camilo Beltrán (Esteban Chaves-Bikehouse Foundation).

U-18: Daniel Méndez (Esteban Chaves-Bikehouse Foundation).

Participants: 270 bike riders.



Fundación Esteban Chaves – BSHOP Team

Participants: 300 teenagers in the selection process.

Selected: 8 U-16 and 9 U-18 talents.



Clásica Esteban Chaves – IDRD Bogotá Mejor para Todos. Fourth edition Bogotá, Colombia.                                                                                                    Winners:

Women: Liliana Moreno (Astana Proyecta).

U-16: Yeison Leandro Suárez (Arcabuco Is Cycling).

U-18: Adinson Alejandro Callejas (Team Fénix).

FUN Highlights: Paulo César Pantoja, third in the general classification
U-18 category and Daniel Méndez, third in the general U-18 category.

Participants: 277 bike riders.


Gran Fondo Estaban Chaves Crowdfunding Campaign was born

With the intention of promoting social inclusion and transform lives of children and teenagers with orthopedic problems in vulnerable situations. We created an annual crowdfunding campaign, to support their treatments and surgeries.

Our great partner in this project is the Fundación Cardioinfantil.

596 people donated around the world. We raised $41,976.



Fundación Esteban Chaves Team

Participants: 270 teenagers were part of the selection process.

Selected: 7 U-16 and 9 U-18.


                                                                              Internships with Team INCA                                                                                Paris France.

We start a relationship with Team INCA, French national team U-23 and subsidiary of Ag2r,from the UCI World Tour.

Jhon Alonso is the first participant in this experience. He travel to France for 5 months for a cultural exchange and sports where he live an enriching life experience.


Bici Camp in Compensar                                                                 Bogotá, Colombia.

Partnered with Compensar we organize a cycling camp for 40 girls, boys and teenagers between 7 and 16 years old. For 15 days, they learn about the cycling world and its practice while training during vacation.

Additionally, we organize a school to promote values ​​and skills of cycling that apply to life with the members of our team.


                                                               Clásica Esteban Chaves fifth edition                                                      Bogotá, Colombia.

                                                   We organize the fifth edition of Clásica Esteban Chaves with the IDRD, during of  the Bogotá Summer Festival. Winners:

– Women: Liliana Moreno (Astana Proyecta ING).

– U-16: Eduardo Guzmán (InVías Arcabuco).

– U-18: German Gómez (Boyacá Tierra de Campeones).

FUN Highlights: Brayan Malaver, second in the general category classification U-18, and Paulo César Pantoja and Brayam Usaquén, second and third respectively in the general U-18 category.

Participants: 235 bike riders.



 FUN at Bici Expo                                                                                 Mexico City, Mexico.

We participate in the largest cycling fair in Latin America which brings together more than 25.000 attendees. We have our FUN booth to spread the message of our project and present our cycling team. Colombia is the invited country.


                                                                                               MiniBikes at BiciGO                                                                                Corferias, Bogotá, Colombia.

Three days with more than 14.000 visitors. We have a push bike circuit  and the booth ‘Dreams come true’, where we talk about FUN Chaves values and the bike as a tool for social transformation. Esteban participates in the discussion ‘Behind the smile’ sharing his life experience, resilience and the value of dreams.



FUN at L’Etape Australia by Tour de France                              Jindabyne, Australia.

The organization of this race is the most prestigious in the world at the amateur level. Esteban Chaves is named as ambassador of its 2019 edition, and invites FUN to participate as a special guest and be one of the charity projects they support every year. As part of this event, funds are raised for our health area.


Second edition of the donation crowdfunding Gran Fondo Esteban Chaves

In partnership with the Fundación Cardioinfantil.

2.285 people donated around the world.

We raised $59,992.



Fundación Esteban Chaves Team

Participants: 170 teenagers were part of the selection process.

Selected: 7 U-16 and 11 U-18 talents.


                                                                                    FUN BOX with Go Cycling                                              Sogamoso, Boyacá.

In partnership with Go Cycling, 50 teenagers from the Colombielas Foundation receive gloves, stockings and caps, with our cycling implement donation program, Fun Box. With this strategy we re-signified the use of clothing in good condition and support the development of base cycling taking care of the environment.


FUN BOX with 14 Ochomiles                                                        Anapoima, Cundinamarca.

We travel to Anapoima with 14 Ochomiles, our partner for a new delivery of  FUN Box equipment.  Clothing in good condition served to multiply the smiles of 26 young bike riders from Ciclones de Anapoima, cycling school with 15 years of experience.


Ride for Smiles

Teamed up with the Dan Marino Foundation (USA) we organize the virtual cycling ride on the Zwift platform. Funds raised supports our health program .

More than 1,000 bike riders from 20 countries participate.

About 150 people from around the world donate.