In FUN we continue working online

por | Abr 15, 2020 | News

At Esteban Chaves Foundation we continue working from home in our different areas, following the current stay-at-home orders, decreed by the National Government in order contribute to the prevention of spreading the Covid -19.
First of all, we are in constant communication with the families of the children and teenagers we support by financing their orthopaedic operations, transforming their lives and promoting their social inclusion. All those boys are part of our family. Some of them were operated and they are in excellent condition. Others are in the recovery stage and others are waiting for the surgery to be scheduled.

«We are talking with all of them to know how they are, especially at this moment to know if they have any difficulties. We are supporting three families with groceries and their monthly home rent because they are in a difficult situation in terms of employment. Specifically those who are recovering with the doctors of Cardioinfantil Foundation and our physiotherapies, we are advising their parents to run different home exercises, «said Carolina Rubio, coordinator of FUN’s health area.

In the sports area, which includes among others, our FUN Team (pre-youth and youth categories), we are aware of the day-to-day of the 18 young people who integrate it, by telephone and via videoconferences. Wilson Sandoval, coach and sports director, along with the rest of the professional group -technical component, physical preparation, physiotherapy and nutrition- are coordinating and guiding the work and training plan at home that helps not to lose their habits and make them stronger.

For Wilson Sandoval these participation spaces are very important, more in the confinement that we face. «In addition to phone communication, three times a week we connect by video calls. We talk, we see them, we can ask them questions and know the details of their situation. This interaction is very important. In addition, it is a space to receive their feedback, key to make the sports program monitoring, «he says.

As part of this online communications strategy, we are conducting english lessons and a series of workshops with topics of interest to them, such as standards and regulation, biomechanics and anti-doping, and sports sciences transversal to cycling, like nutrition, physical training and psychology.