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Clásica Fundación Esteban Chaves’ first edition. Bogotá, Colombia.


  Women: Jennyfer Puentes (Club Esteban Chaves).

Under 16: Camilo Castro (Soacha Wellbeing for All).

Under 18: Juan Diego López (Corplas – Flejes Bomelo).

Outstanding achievements FUN Team: Santiago Buitrago, second in the general Under 16 Category and Nicolás Sáenz, second in the general Under 18 Category.

Participants: 117 cyclists


Fundación Esteban Chaves was born. Tenjo, Cundinamarca.

Chaves family created FUN to give back to sports all that it has given them. Under the motto #MultiplicandoSonrisas and with the intention of leaving a legacy to future generations.



FUN Cycling Team was created.

Under the name Equipo Benros Esteban Chaves, we created the cycling team that competes in the Under 16 and Under 18 categories. A sports project in which young people are trained in a comprehensive manner under the work philosophy and values ​​of Esteban Chaves.

Participants: 65 teenagers in the selection process.

Selected: 9 Under 16 and 9 Under 18 talents.


Clásica Fundación Esteban Chaves’ second edition Bogota Colombia. Winners: Women: Yenny Lorena Colmenares (Boyacá Race of Champions). Under 16: Daniel Méndez (Benros Esteban Chaves Team), and first in the mountain classification. Under 18: Juan José Amador (Cycling Team 4-72). FUN Team highlights: Einer Rubio was second in the general youth category classification and second in the mountain classification. Participants: 163 cyclists.


Auction “Dreams on a Bicycle” Bogotá, Colombia. Winners:

– At Gaira Café we auctioned jersey and items signed by great world-class cyclists. It was well received by athletes and public figures such as Mariana Pajón, Rigoberto Urán, Carlos Vives, Santiago Botero, among others. The resources collected were allocated to Fundación Esteban Chaves Team.



Fundación Esteban Chaves-Bikehouse Team. A new stage of our cycling team where we host teenagers who dream of being cyclists. Participants: 200 teenagers in the selection process Selected: 9 Under 16 and 9 Under 18 talents


We participated in the Nations Cup L’Abitibi tour. Quebec, Canada.

We traveled to the 49th edition of L’Abitibi in Quebec. We were represented by Daniel Méndez, Santiago Buitrago, Andrey Rodríguez, Sergio Granados, Daniel Gutiérrez and Brayan Borda. Next to them was Wilson Sandoval, coach and sports director, and Antonio Parra, mechanic. The BShop Bicycles brand was our ally in this adventure.

We won a sprint in one of the stages, thanks to Sergio Granados, and, in addition, the award for the most organized team in the village.


Clásica Esteban Chaves IDRD – DIRECTV Third edition.

Winners General Classification winners:

Women: Liliana Moreno (Ingeni Olmo SMP Project).

Under 16: Juan Camilo Beltrán (Esteban Chaves-Bikehouse Foundation).

Under 18: Daniel Méndez (Esteban Chaves-Bikehouse Foundation).

Participants: 270 cyclists





Equipo Fundación Esteban Chaves – BShop


Participantes: 300 jóvenes en el proceso selectivo.

Seleccionados: 8 talentos prejuveniles y 9 juveniles.


Clásica Esteban Chaves – IDRD Bogotá Mejor para Todos. Fourth edition Bogotá, Colombia.

Winners General Classification:

Women: Liliana Moreno (Astana Proyecta).

Under 16: Yeison Leandro Suárez (Arcabuco Is Cycling).

Under 18: Adinson Alejandro Callejas (Team Fénix).

Other achievements: Paulo César Pantoja, third in the general classification Under 18 category and Daniel Méndez, third in the general Under 18 category.

Participants: 277 cyclists


Gran Fondo Esteban Chaves Donation Campaign  was born.

With the intention of promoting social inclusion and transforming the lives of children and adolescents with orthopedic problems in vulnerable situations. We created an annual crowdfounding campaign, to support their treatments and surgeries.

Our great partner in this project is the Fundación Cardioinfantil.

596 people donated around the world. We raised $ 155,653,964.




Equipo Fundación Esteban Chaves

Participantes: 270 jóvenes hicieron parte del proceso selectivo.

Seleccionados: 7 talentos prejuveniles y 9 juveniles.


Internships with Team INCA. Paris France.

We started a relationship with Team INCA of France, French national team under-23 and subsidiary of Ag2r,from the UCI World Tour platoon.

Jhon Alonso was the first to participate in this experience. He traveled to France for 5 months for a cultural exchange and sports where he lived an enriching life experience


FUN in Bici Camp in Compensar. Bogotá, Colombia. In alliance with Compensar we carried out a cycling camp for 40 girls, boys and teenagers between 7 and 16 years old. For 15 days, they learned about the cycling world and its practice while training during vacation. In addition, we organized a school to promote values ​​and skills of cycling that apply to life with the members of our team.


Clásica Esteban Chaves fifth edition. Bogotá, Colombia.

We organized the fifth edition of Clásica Esteban Chaves with the IDRD, during of the 23rd version of the Bogotá Summer Festival, edition that strengthened its position as heritage of the city. One of the main goals we had in 2015.

Overall Ranking Winners:

– Women: Liliana Moreno (Astana Proyecta ING).

– Under 16: Eduardo Guzmán (InVías Arcabuco).

– Under 18: German Gómez (Boyacá Race of Champions).

Other achievements: Brayan Malaver, second in the general category classification Under 18, and Paulo César Pantoja and Brayam Usaquén, second and third respectively in the general Under 18 category.

Participants: 235 cyclists


FUN at Bici Expo. Mexico City, Mexico. We participated in the largest cycling fair in Latin America which brings together more than 25.000 attendees. We had our FUN booth to carry the message of our project and presented our cycling team. Colombia was one of the invited countries.


MiniBikes at BiciGO, Corferias. Bogotá, Colombia.

Three days with more than 14.000 visitors. We had a circuit of recreational cycling and the booth ‘Dreams come true’, in which we talked about FUN Chaves values and the bicycle as a tool for social transformation that changes lives. Esteban participated in the discussion ‘Behind the smile’ in which he shared his life experience, resilienceand and the value of dreams.


FUN at L’Etape Australia by Tour de France. Jindabyne, Australia. The organization of this race is the most prestigious in the world at the amateur level. Esteban Chaves was named as ambassador of its 2019 edition, and invited FUN to participate as a special guest and be one of the charity projects they support every year. As part of this event, funds were raised for our health area.


Second edition of the donation campaign Gran Fondo Esteban Chaves.

In alliance with the Fundación Cardioinfantil.

2.285 people donated around the world.

We raised $ 222’459.465



Equipo Fundación Esteban Chaves

Participantes: 170 jóvenes hicieron parte del proceso selectivo.

Seleccionados: 7 talentos prejuveniles y 11 juveniles.




FUN Box con Go Cycling

Sogamoso, Boyacá

Visitamos a jóvenes de la Fundación Colombielas y les obsequiamos uniformes, guantes, medias, gorras. A través de esta estrategia resignificamos el uso de ropa en buen estado y apoyamos el desarrollo del ciclismo base.

Jóvenes impactados: 50





Anapoima, Cundinamarca

En una nueva jornada de entrega de implementos con kits de camisetas, gorras, pantalonetas para ciclistas  jóvenes ciclistas de la escuela de formación Ciclones de Anapoima.

Jóvenes impactados: 26


Ride for Smiles

Teamed up with the Dan Marino Foundation (USA) we organized the virtual cycling filming session on the Zwift platform. Funds raised supported the process and treatment of children and teenagers with physical or cognitive disabilities through the social health areas of the two foundations.

More than 1,000 cyclists from 20 countries participated.

About 150 people from around the world donated


We join Café Atleta

We are invited by The Coach, a marketing agency, to be one of the five participating causes supported by Café Atleta, the first coffee that supports the national sport under the #AUnaTazaMore infoCercaDeLaVictoria.

The 10% of the contributions taking this premium coffee are destined to a very important goal, to participate in the Tour de l’Abitibi, the Youth World Cup in Quebec, Canada.


We participated in the Vuelta de la Juventud In a joint project with Team INCA we debuted in the most important under-23 competition of national cycling. We were represented by Diomedes Velandia, Sergio Granados and Nico Borrás, the three promoted from our quarry, and Luis Mario Marmolejo. Two cyclists in the top-40 of the general standings (Granados and Velandia), protagonism in special sprints and leaks, the sports results of the debut.


FUN Box with Scotiabank in Boyacá Santa Rosa de Viterbo, Boyacá About 35 children and youth of the Club Escuela de Ciclismo Orgullo Santarroseño, in Santa Rosa de Viterbo, received with great happiness helmets, uniforms, t-shirts, Shorts, caps and socks that brighten your life and motivate your cycling practice. Within its social responsibility program Scotiabank generously gave us the kits with the cycling equipment.



We participate in the Vuelta del Porvenir

Casanare, Colombia

We live a spectacular experience in the most prestigious youth career in the country. We were represented by Paulo César Pantoja, Santiago Granados, Óscar Blanco, Brayam Usaquén, Camilo Aguilar and Maycol Correa. In the general classification we finished with three cyclists among the best 25: Pantoja (12), Granados (14) and Blanco (22). In the team standings we finished fifth, just like in 2019.


Scott Bike Frame Contest

Under the slogan ‘Take with you a part of us’ we wanted to reward our followers and raffle off the frame of a Scott Addict RC limited edition bike from our foundation. The contest was activated through the contributions of the participants in our Merch FUN, presses with social sense. The winner, Mauricio González.


Tercera edición de la campaña FUN Box

Esta versión de la campaña de donación de implementos de ciclismo que organizamos desde 2018 junto a 14 OCHOMILES fue la más exitosa. A pesar de las restricciones de la pandemia más de 200 personas donaron prendas y accesorios de ciclismo, gorras, bicicletas, cascos, rodillos, zapatillas. Lo recaudados ha sido destinado a multiplicar sonrisas de niñas, niños y jóvenes de clubes y academias del país que nos necesitan. 



Casa FUN

We opened the doors of Casa FUN, our headquarters located in Tenjo, Cundinamarca. A place with rooms to hold rallies and host cyclists and also the children and adolescents who benefit from our health area and their families who live outside the capital, conference hall, workshop and wine cellar. ¡ A dream come true!


Equipo Fundación Esteban Chaves

Participantes: más de 200 ciclistas hicieron parte del proceso selectivo.

Seleccionados: 5 talentos prejuveniles y 7 juveniles.



Vuelta de la Juventud’ players

Norte de Santander, Santander, Boyacá and Cundinamarca, Colombia

We participated in the 54th edition of this U-23 category competition, again with the mixed squad FUN Esteban Chaves – Team INCA. We were represented by Granados, Diomedes Velandia, Nico Borrás, Óscar Blanco -the four promoted from our quarry-, Santiago Vélez and Luis Mario Marmolejo.

We achieved a historic performance: top-10 in the points classification and top-20 in the general standings by Sergio Granados.



Debut in the Vuelta a Colombia

Version 74 of the Vuelta a Colombia was witness to our debut in the most important national cycling competition. We were represented by Brayan Chaves Rubio, Nicolás Sáenz Ballesteros, Fabián Steven, Hernán Darío Gómez Joya and Diego Fernando Pulido.

Nico Saenz finished 14th overall!


Training Camp

At Casa FUN we met for three days with our team members, pre-game and youth categories. We give them the official clothing of the season, we share talks, special trainings, medical evaluations, bike fittings and workshops with our allies 14 OCHOMILES, Going Nutrition and Tempo Cycling.


Internship to the Team INCA

David Valero, Maycol Correa, Brayam Usaquén and Paulo Pantoja, four FUN youth cyclists, travel to France to join the INCA Team and live a unique sporting and personal experience in international cycling.



Launch of Egan Bernal y los hijos de la cordillera

Written by Guy H. Roger, French journalist and reporter specializing in cycling, this book co-edited by Laguna Books and Luna Books is a magnificent account of the development of professional cycling in Colombia. Its author decided to donate the proceeds to our foundation. You can find it in the main bookstores of the country or @ladiligencia_co.



Tenjo, Cundinamarca

In a new FUN Box donation delivery we visited with sports garments kits the young riders of the cycling school of the Instituto de Recreación y Deporte de Tenjo. 
Young people reach: 45


FUN Tacx Water Bottle

Together with ProOwnedCycling we created a limited edition Tacx water bottle used by Esteban Chaves and his BikeExChange teammates on stage 15 of the Tour de France. A historic Sunday in which we toured the 108th edition of the most emblematic race and hydrated the best cyclists in the world.


‘The Colourful Crocodile’, a special jersey

Valentina’s and Samuel’s drawings, children supported in our area of health, gave life to this divine sweater manufactured by The Service Course. A beautiful collector’s item, whose sales proceeds are destined for our social causes.


FUN Box with Scott and 14 OCHOMILES


The young cyclists of the Foundation My future sports stars received helmets and clothes collected in the last FUN Box campaign.
Young people reach: 19



Villapinzón, Cundinamarca

The Sports Training School of Villapinzón, where the professional cyclist Einer Rubio was born, promoted from our quarry, was the place chosen for a new delivery of donations from FUN Box.
Young people reach: 35



FUN en BiciExpo

Leon, México



FUN Box in Chíquiza

Chíquiza, Boyacá

The riders of the Campeones de Chíquiza club in San Pedro de Iguaque welcomed us with open arms and received the gifts of cycling equipment that we brought them with love.
Young people reach: 20
Partners: Scotiabank and 14 OCHOMILES


FUN Box with the Asociación Colombiana de Deportistas Trasplantados


In a special donations delivery day we visited children transplanted from an essential organ such as liver, kidney and bone marrow. These articles motivate the practice of sport and physical activity, key to your health and well-being.
Children reach: 30
Partners: 14 OCHOMILES and Kanguro Clothing