Thank you, Don Mauri!

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In charge of the warehouse and organization of the equipment for the races of our team and for the donation days, José Mauricio Casas is one of our most beloved teammates at FUN. We remember his life with honor and gratitude.
José Mauricio Casas, affectionately known as Don Mauri, is a fan of old-fashioned cycling. «In the 1960’s, started my enthusiasm with this sport», he remembered. The achievements of Martín Emilio «Cochise» Rodríguez, Álvaro Pachón and Alfonso Flores fed the passion for cycling. «In my home, the remarkable transmissions of the Vuelta a Colombia were heard on the radio, which I remember with great joy”, he said. His older brother, Marcos, was a rider and he transferred the passion for cycling to Don Mauri and he started to practice it as well.
Our team at the Esteban Chaves non-profit is made up of people with a high human quality and a special sensitivity to social issues, which is so important in our country. One of them is José Mauricio. Being involved in the social project of one of the best cyclists in the country is very valuable for this man.
Having Don Mauri in charge of the warehouse is a luxury because of his spirit of service and his commitment. Since 2016 he has been linked to FUN starting out as a volunteer and he has been progressing thourgh the years. Today he plays a fundamental role in the organization and coordination of sports equipment inventory that we receive from hundreds of people and allied brands who see at the Foundation as the best channel to contribute for the children and youth in Colombia. He is also the one transporting the equipment required by the FUN Team during races in the pre-youth and youth categories.
“I like this job very much. I’m happy to do what needs to be done, like a bullfighter. It is an honor to be part of FUN, this beautiful project», confessed Don Mauri, born in Bogotá, lover of sports and drama and action films. For Esteban Chaves, Don Mauri is a very willing and helpful person. «He always wants to help, he is in love with cycling and desires the best for the children and youth of Colombia, just like us», said «El Chavito».
After finishing high school at the Simón Bolívar District College, he graduated as an office technician Due his dedication and discipline, he worked for 38 years in the distribution area of the Casa Editorial El Tiempo. Simultaneously, he also devoted himself to driving vehicles of transportation. «Life has been my university», recognized. In 1988 when he has 26 years old he got married with Bernarda Jiménez. Iván and Diana were born of that love. Together they built a happy home, full of love and union.

Eternal friendship

Diana was his physiotherapist in 2016, a fantastic year in Esteban’s sports career. He obtained the subtitle of the Giro d’Italia, the third place in the Vuelta a España and the titles of the Giro dell’Emilia and the Giro de Lombardia. Ivan studied sports administration and worked in the Colombian Cycling Federation. He loved riding and did it competitively for several years. He was Esteban’s partner on the routes and spontaneous encounters built a nice friendship.

For Carolina Rubio, Esteban’s mother and leader of the FUN health area, «Don Mauri is someone everybody would wish to have as a friend. We decided to make him part of the FUN staff for his value as a human being. He also has a great sense of self-improvement”. Due the inexplicable things of live, Iván and Diana died. «They are our strength and our light. Although I have learned to live with that sadness, God has given us the strength to go forward and fight. We believe they have never left our side», he said.

Gratitude is one of the great virtues of people with a pure heart. «I would like to thank the Chaves Rubio family for trusting me. They are like my family. They have been through the tough times woth me. Esteban is a great person with a big heart supporting so many children to fulfill their dreams», said Don Mauri, who loves to read historical characters and athletes biographies. How would you like to be remembered?, we asked him. «As a good person, as someone who live to serve others», replied. Now is a good time to thank you for all your dedication and love with FUN, whosevalues also have to do with those of this man, an example of nobility and courage.
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Juan Felipe Rubio

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Above right: Iván Casas ride with his hurt.

Above left: Diana Casas, Esteban Chaves, Jairo Chaves y Carolina Rubio.

Below right: don Mauri with Brayan Chaves (left side) y Camilo Fuentes right side).

Below left: don Mauri with Paula Álvarez (physio’s FUN Team), Imanol Iza (Mitchelton-Scott Team massage therapist and assistant), Carolina Rubio y Jairo Chaves.