When dreams come true in the clouds

por | May 14, 2020 | News

We are excited to know that in Colombia there are so many people fulled of solidarity and eager to help. Johanny Borray is 11 years old and was born in Florencia, Caquetá. Last March, he was operated by the team specialized in children’s orthopedics of the Foundation Cardioinfantil (FCI), our ally in the area of health. These operations are also possible thanks to the thousands of donors around the world who contribute from the deep of their hearts to change the lives of children with orthopedic problems really need it.
Because of the highly complex reconstructive surgery on his legs, Johanny had casts on both legs. His mobility was temporarily reduced to a wheelchair. The operation was a success. His dream of walking without difficulties, of fully moving and of living a life without strings ceased to be a tangible fact.

A few days ago, and after two months from the date of the intervention, it was time to travel to Bogotá from his hometown for the monitoring appointment provided to remove his casts at the FCI. He was very excited. His face was one smile. He traveled with his mother, Norma. With no casts, with two splints, and full of gratitude, he left the doctor’s office with joy. «I feel happy. I was a little nervous. I thank FUN, Carolina (Rubio) and Esteban. God bless you. I’am finally going to achieve my big dream of being able to walk and move forward in life”, says Johanny, who loves crafts, painting and listening to music.

Carolina Rubio is Esteban’s mother and the director of the FUN Health Area. «We are very happy with Johanny’s evolution. We are so happy. We know Norma, and we have made a nice relationship, like with all the families of the children that we help. They have both been warriors. This is a crucial step in their recovery. We will continue to accompany them», she said.

By plane!

Making the journey by land was a risk and a great inconvenience for Johanny. The Colombian Civil Air Patrol reached out to us and made itself available. This is a private non-profit organization that for more than half a century has flown to the most remote parts of the country to provide free medical and surgical care to people living in conditions of extreme poverty, or social or geographical exclusion. Johanny had never been on a plane before. For him it was a wonderful experience. «I felt emotion, joy and more emotions. In the middle of the clouds, I was moved by the sight that was there, «he recalled.

Currently, the Air Patrol is working with the President of Colombia by transporting samples of Covid- 19 from different parts of Colombia. It has 400 volunteer health professionals. «Although we are dedicated to health brigades and do not necessarily work by mobilizing people, we saw that we could help in a different way. When I heard about the case, I presented it to the board and we decided to help to contribute that grain of sand, «said Álvaro Sánchez, one of the organization’s 70 volunteer pilots, and a true cycling fan.

With Samuel, his parents Clara Molina y John Alexander Caicedo, his sister Sara Ximena and his brother John Felipe.

Johanny’s story is very similar to that of Samuel Alexander Caicedo who is 13 years old and is from Bogotá. He also had a condition in his legs and required a delicate reconstruction. A few days ago, his casts were removed. Today he recovers very well, and walks with a walker. «Knowing that I don’t have the casts is very satisfying. I am very happy to know that the surgery worked, and that I finally have an ankle and can walk without pain. Thanks to everyone who made this happen. My dream is to study fashion design. I also like to dance», said Samuel.

From FUN, we want to thank all those who support this cause. Thanks to the donors for their support! Together we are a great team. Esteban Chaves, the leader of this project, is convinced of the power that exists when we are united and push towards the same side. «At FUN we are committed to Colombia’s children and youth. For stories like Johanny and Samuel, and all the children who have benefited, this is worth it. We invite you to multiply more smiles. To change lives, «said the Michelton- Scott professional cyclist. Since 2018, 32 boys from Pasto, Casanare, Bogotá, Caquetá and La Guajira have been operated.