With all biosafety protocols, one day we got back on the road!

por | Jul 11, 2020 | News

In our cycling team we have taken a step forward in the 2020 training plan, a season that has been disrupted by Covid-19 contingency. Taking into account the protocols established by the National Government and the Ministries of Sport and Health, and the guidelines in that order of the Colombian Cycling Federation (FCC, siglas en español), some of the members of the team have resumed cycling practice on the route.
This new start of training aligns with the preparation of FUN’S Team, directed by Wilson Sandoval, that the FCC would organize in the second part of the year: Vuelta del Porvenir (21-25 October) and the Vuelta al Futuro (10-13 December).
«It is a great joy after so much time at home training on a roller. Going out on the road gives enormous satisfaction», said Johan Sánchez, a member of the under 16 squad.

«I am more motivated than ever. This first semester of the year has been a bit difficult. I think there will be very good feelings this year if God wants to», added the 16-year-old from Bogotá.

The 18 members of the FUN Team —seven in the under- 16 category and eleven in the under- 18 category—, have their federative licenses and the support of the governing body to conduct outdoor training. The first to start riding outdoors were young cyclist living in the countryside of the departments of Nariño, Boyacá and Cundinamarca.

Fine – tuning

For Wilson Sandoval, sports director and coach of Team FUN, it is very important that the boys, after almost three months, are allowed to continue the training on the road. «It is a starting point and a light that allows us to return to specific jobs and, in the future, to be able to compete in the best way. Now we are focused on gaining aerobic base and strength, for example».

Our FUN’s sports area is constituted by the FUN team and the Clásica Esteban Chaves, race that we organized together with the District Institute of Recreation and Sports (IDRD) during the Summer Festival in Bogota, to be celebrated in August, and which has unfortunately been postponed.