With Go Cycling we made a donation day in Sogamoso

por | Mar 13, 2020 | News

In partnership with Go Cycling, 50 young teenagers from the Colombielas Foundation gratefully received T-shirts, shorts, gloves, stockings, caps and buffs, in a new edition of FunBox, our cycling equipment donation program.
As a solidarity chain, we completed the 2020 first stage of our FunBox. Youth from Colombielas Foundation located in Sogamoso in Boyacá, took garments and accessories collected by Go Cycling, one of our allies in this cause. They focuse on elaborating, implementing and monitoring customized comprehensive training plans for amateur and elite cyclists. We thank all the people who came and took their equipment to Go Cycling store in Bogotá.
Daniel Antonio Gutiérrez is a 19-year-old cyclist from Colombielas. For him, «this support is spectacular for us, as the practice of this sport is somewhat costly. They are quality clothes, they are a great help. We are very happy and grateful».
FunBox is an initiative of the Esteban Chaves Foundation “FUN” where, in alliance with different companies, sharing the same commitment to seek clothes in good condition to be reused by children who really need them. Additionally, this method also contributes to the environment, which we all as a society are responsible.
For Jairo Chaves, father of Esteban and general manager of FUN, «this is an incentive, a cause of joy for these young people. When they open the presents, one can see the joy. It is a great experience. These are details that contribute in their process. Life is built of little things like this», he says.

«I want to thank FUN, Go Cycling and everyone who donated. It is very special for us to have been chosen. Most of our children don’t have the resources to ride a bike. Watching them receive this equipment is great. It motivates them and teaches them that cooperation exists and that in difficult times, there is still hope of helping each other», says Fabio Gordillo, sports director and coach of the Colombielas Foundation.

Óscar Montero is the general manager of Go Cycling. «Within the culture of our brand —he says— we all find something that moves us according to this sport. Cycling unites us and makes us equal. Seeing these young people who want to get ahead, we get excited. That’s why it’s so rewarding to join this campaign. The job of FUN guarantees that help reaches the right people».

In FUN we are socially committed to young cyclists in the country. Besides having our own team, we also pay attention to others equal entities that work in basic cycling. This work represents a great importance for the development of sport. We work convinced of the transformative power of sport, aiming to multiply more and more smiles!