2021 FUN Chaves Cycling Team is ready

por | Mar 8, 2021 | News

After a week of track and road testing, a set of reviews of consistency, performance and laboratory data, the riders who will represent us in 2021 were selected.

From February 24 to March 3 bike rides from different regions, including Bogotá, Cundinamarca, Antioquia, Santander, Putumayo, Boyacá, Huila, Tolima and Meta pedaled for a dream: to be part of the Esteban Chaves Foundation squad, a sports project where we provide opportunities to young talents who dream to become professional bike riders. We guide them and accompany them in their developing process and sports performance through values and principles in their growth.

The tests during the trail ours  of our team (Under- 16 and Under- 18 categories) were divided into gymkhana, criterium in track and ITT circuits on road in flat and ascending grounds. Laboratory tests were also conducted to obtain the power profile and evaluate stress levels and other data and metrics in simulators. The track shows were held in the PDR of the IDRD (former Museo de los Niños) and the road tests in the northwest of Bogotá (La Caro, Siberia, Alto del Vino, Puente Piedra) and in Sibaté. While the laboratory test took place in the Virtual Route room, a place specialized in science and technology applied to sport.

«This was a very interesting process. There was healthy competition and we saw a lot of talent. During our trial outs, we take into account technical, tactical, physical and strategic aspects. At the end, we conducted a comprehensive analysis of these components and the performance of the cyclist, their acquiescence, their laboratory metrics, their responsibility», said Wilson Sandoval, FUN Chaves coach and sports director.

Trial outs look like stages in races, but are never classified by summation of times. Each selective test was independent of the other. For the selection all the components that the rider demonstrated in each test are taken into consideration.

The FUN trial outs were  judged by  official commissioners certified by the Liga de Ciclismo de Bogotá and Cundinamarca, which is governed by the International Cycling Union (UCI). After a week of evaluations, they are the cyclists who will  be  part of the FUN Chaves 2021 team. Additionally, VisionCycling provided the service of road accompanying on motorcycle, taking care of us, and also carrying our photographers and videographers during the tests.

U16 Category

We selected four fixed cyclists: Erick Parra (Bogotá), Enrique Sánchez (Bogotá), Sebastián Bolívar (Manta, Cundinamarca) and Kevin Roa (Villavicencio, Meta). While two runners will be in a trial period, given that our coaches want to keep working: Juan Sebastián Zamudio (Bogotá) and Jhoiver Ortiz (Cajicá, Cundinamarca).

U18 Category

The chosen ones are Nicolás Gómez (Villapinzón, Cundinamarca), David Valero (Bogotá), Daniel Zorro (Bogotá), José Alex López (Chíquiza, Boyacá), Santiago Acosta (Turmequé, Boyacá), Víctor Contreras (Villapinzón, Cundinamarca) and David Montaña (Restrepo, Meta). Valero, Zorro and López  were part of the FUN Chaves 2020 team and this years obtained the place in the team again.

They will join Brayam Usaquén (Zipaquirá, Cundinamarca), Paulo César Pantoja (Túquerres, Nariño) and Maycol Correa (Contratación, Santander). All three come from the previous process with very good development and progression. We want to congratulate all those who participated in the 2021 trial outs. To those who were selected and those who were not, we encourage them to continue working and improving day by day to face the new opportunities that will come in their lives.

📷1 y 2: Anderson Bonilla