A partnership filling us with energy

por | Mar 22, 2021 | News

For the third consecutive year the Colombian company Going Nutrition is the official sports nutrition brand of the FUN Team.

In our cycling squad we guide and support the sporting development of young talents from different regions of Colombia who dream to become professional bike riders.  This year will be the third consecutive year that Going Nutrition will  support this project


This company of Colombian entrepreneurs  finds its inspiration in sport and athletes. They are one official supplier of sports nutrition products, hydrating drinks, protein endurance bars and energy gels that our cyclists eat before, during and after physical activity, both training and competitions.

All the products in their portfolio are inspired by the country’s typical raw materials, including pomegranate, coffee, guava or strawberry. They produce them with their unique label involving support for the national industry and for spots  talents, which are also source of  pride in Colombia.

«At FUN Chaves we are proud that brands like Going believe in our project. This is the third year the will be working with us to give our bike riders the best of nutrition products with the best quality. We are very happy to have them as sponsors», said Juan Felipe Silva, FUN Chaves brand director.

For Alejandro Quiroz, Going Nutrition CEO, «it‘s an honor and a privilege to work with the Esteban Chaves Foundation. Esteban is a person who, with his charisma, his nobility and his humbleness  infects us and inspires us to always see the human side of things. We love the work they do at FUN Chaves. We are very happy to contribute to the foundation and its athletes grow and  help them fulfill their dreams».

Together with Going Nutrition, the youth of our cycling team have the perfect energy and strength to walk towards their dreams riding with passion and joy.

Learn more about this great brand that brings well-being and contributes in its sports performance to all types of athletes —amateurs, performance, high performance—, always with the banner of healthy lifestyle.: 👉  www.productosgoing.com