Be part of the FUN cycling team!

Dic 14, 2020 | News

The call to participate in the trial outs of the FUN 2021 cycling team is now open. If you were born between 2003 and 2006 and your dream is becoming a professional bike rider  this is your chance. Sign up!
If your dream it to become a professional bike rider and want to be part of our team we tell you that the call to participate in the selection process of the FUN Team FUN 2021 is open. Our categories: Under- 16 (15 to 16 years old) and Under- 18 (17 to 18 years old).

2.Review the essential requirements to participate

3.Fill in the form and send it with the other requested documents

4.Wait for a confirmation email

The call is open for people born in Colombia or foreigners with all the papers in place.

The process

The trial outs  will take place from Sunday January 17 to Saturday Juanuary  2021. They consists of a series of evaluations, from gymkhans and skill exercises to time trial and route tests in different superficies. Additionally, they will also qualify personal aspects that we consider very important, such as punctuality, personal presentation, responsibility, companionship and teamwork. The base will be the Velódromo Luis Carlos Galán of the Sports Unit el Salitre in Bogotá.

In the first phase, there will be 6 filters from which 24 runners (12 per category) will go to the second phase, which lasts 6 weeks. At the end of the specific work and a comprehensive analysis, 8 bike riders  will be selected per category who will wear the FUN uniform in the new season. All the evaluation will be judged by judges and official commissioners of the Cycling League of Bogota.

To Wilson Sandoval, FUN Sports Director and Coach. «this is a great opportunity for young riders who like cycling and who want to evolve to join the FUN team. They are invited to this call».



Bike riders who currently belong to the team, exclusively those who are part of the U-16 or U-18 first year, will be able to participate in this new selection process from phase 2. «This is an opportunity that FUN gives them because this year they were unable to fully develop their process and compete in the U-16 or U-18 calendar races for the pandemic,» said Jairo Chaves, FUN general manager.

More than cycling


In the FUN Team, one of the projects in our sports area is to develop integral human beings through the practice of cycling and healthy competition under the philosophy of work of Esteban Chaves and the values he represents: optimism, perseverance, discipline and companionship. Being a bike rider is worth it, but being good person worth more!

Since 2016, first year of the FUN Team we have been guiding teenagers on the path to  their dreams. Its members are supported by professionals in sports sciences, nutrition, physiotherapy and sports medicine. They also receive clothing, uniforms, monitors, potentiometers and race registration, as well as transportation, lodging and food.