Bioracer will wear our the FUN Team in 2021

por | Mar 19, 2021 | News

The leading sports clothing brand in  European cycling is the new manufacturer of our uniform.

We are very happy to tell you that Bioracer is  joining our foundation as a partner. They are a high quality and  prestigious brand and they will dress our cycling team this season.

Bioracer is Belgian brand  founded in 1984 and uses biodynamic technology and  wind-proof, breathable or UV-blocked thermal materials to make clothes and uniforms suitable for all types of weather conditions including extreme ones and ensuring comfort and sustainability.

Innovating to maximize sports performance is part of their essence. It matches  the aspiration which we started this 2021 with U-16 and U-18  teams. We are constantly, aiming to keep improving our performance in training and racing. For Jairo Chaves, CEO of Fundación Esteban Chaves, this is a quality leap.

«To join our cause a company as important as Bioracer is very valuable. A leading brand, recognized worldwide and that manufactures uniforms of the highest quality, makes our cycling team dress with the best. We are very excited about this incorporation».

«Working with the Esteban Chaves Foundation and contributing to the development of new talents is for us a commitment we take with great passion, respect and above all with the conviction that we are being part of many dreams that are born in Colombia», Juan Felipe Mora, marketing director of Bioracer Colombia. «We believe that  honest, professional and well done work is the base for Colombian cycling to  guarantee  great cyclists and great people for future», he added.

Besides track and road cycling, Bioracer manufactures sportswear for MTB, triathlon, BMX and skating, among others. It is the official clothing brand of the national cycling team of Belgium, Holland, Russia and Germany, and the official sponsor of Belgium and Germany triathlon team. Also dress up Wout Van Aert, world champion in 2016, 2017 and 2018. With Bioracer we share the values of passion, innovation and inclusion.

Thanks to this incorporation with the FUN Team  and dress with the power of the dreams, we will cross borders with the firm intention to grow together and to keep contributing in the development of youth cycling and to support the development of young talents.