Cycling holidays with Colsubsidio!

Sep 18, 2021 | News

More than 80 children participated in recreational activities, recreation, citizenship and sport in Bogotá. The bike, a toy to learn and enjoy!

We are very happy with the results of the Cycling Holidays project that we developed together with Colsubsidio in the Luis Carlos Sarmiento Velodrome at the Unidad Deportiva El Salitre in Bogotá. It was spectacular!

For two months, more than 80 children affiliated to this entity participated in recreational and sports activities around the bicycle, the most precious toy and a powerful tool for social transformation.

For Michel Pizarro, Colsubsidio’s community consultant, «it’s very important to carry out this type of activity. When we take the FUN Chaves school to the children of our affiliates we see great receptivity and connection, the adres are happy and the children have fun».

We work in two groups, initiation and advanced according to the level of each participant. We learned about how it works and how a bicycle is composed, how to behave on the street on your bike, since exercising citizenship as road agents we consider it very important. We also passed on to the children was the care and maintenance they should have with their bike. In addition, we played and practiced exercises that improved skills and abilities.

«It was really nice to see so many kids having fun and being a part of these events. Some were with road bikes, others with a moped, the smallest still with the support wheels. It was something very nice. They left behind that seed that motivates them to continue their sporting process», says Wilson Sandoval, FUN Esteban Chaves sports director.

For the closing we organized a festival of gymkhanas in which they competed against the stopwatch on a circuit with a series of stations. A test, technique and skill on two wheels.

A very special recognition, for the desire and enthusiasm, to all the girls and boys who participated in Cycling Holidays:

Initiation Group:
Samuel de Santos Monroy
Martin Ruiz
Sary Cañon Moreno
Samuel Arrieta Ortiz
Sergio Alejandro González
Laura Camila Ardila
Samanta Sánchez Ruiz
Mariana Arlicia
Matías Sánchez González
Kevin Steven Bolívar
Daniel Bolívar
Gabriela Arrieta Ortiz
María Paula Alarcón
Matías Rincón
Sara juliana González

Advanced group:
Mateo Martínez
Gabriel García Castro
Samuel Ramírez León
Luis Santiago Guarino
David Alejandro Rendón
Santiago Espinosa
David Mora
Juan José Realpe
Samuel Alejandro Gómez
Sofía Mojica Muñoz
Manuela Avendaño
Alejandro Peña
José Alejandro Arana
Jhonier Steven Romero
Óscar Samuel Romero
Juan Andrés Gómez
Daniel Sandoval
Andrés Mojica Muñoz
Lilian Stephany Duarte
Juan Manuel Aguilar
Joaquín Pietro
Juan José Martínez
Matius Ramírez Acosta
Miguel Ángel Forero
Vincent Sanchez Ruiz
María Luciana Salazar
Luis Alejandro Camen Vega
Lina María Mendoza Baquero
Samuel Estiguan Romero
Joaquín Prieto
Isabella Bóhorquez
Gabriel Alejandro Castaño
Sergio Duarte
Isabel Castaño

Thanks to Colsubsidio for joining and leading this initiative with us! In this space the children had the opportunity to experience in a different and entertaining way, to learn about the wonderful world of the bicycle and especially to smile.

Together, #MultiplicandoSonrisas.