Historic week for FUN cycling

por | Oct 21, 2020 | News

Santiago Buitrago, Einer Rubio and Esteban Chaves are participating in two of the top races of the World Tour: Giro d’Italia and Vuelta a España. Santi and Einer are the first FUN bike riders to race in the grand tours.


There are unique moments that make history special. This week is one of them. For the Esteban Chaves Foundation (FUN) to see two athletes who went through the development process in our squad, to participate in the elite of cycling is gratifying and exciting. We are delighted!

Santiago Buitrago and Einer Rubio were key players in the early stages of the FUN Team project back in 2016. We created this project with one dream: provide opportunities for young bike riders, support talents and work in the development of human beings based on values such as fellowships, respect, discipline and teamwork.

Both Einer and Santi will be racing simultaneously this October. Einer will be facing the last week of his first Giro d’Italia and Santi will be in the Vuelta a España. Participating in the “grand tours” is something very meaningful for them and for us. Both are the first bike riders to come out of the FUN Team who participate in some of the most prestigious races on the World Tour. A great achievement.

Additionally, Esteban Chaves, our leader and FUN co-founder and a referent of many young riders is also in the race in the Vuelta a España. He is the leader of the Australian team Michelton Scott. Esteban was third in the 2016 edition, one of his most outstanding results. «It is a great joy to see young  talents with great potential to come to achieve these important goals, which started with a dream. For us at FUN, it is very rewarding», said Esteban.


For Santi Buitrago, from Bogota and member of Team Bahrain McLaren, making his debut in one of the most important competitions is very special: «This is a dream coming true, that in my first year as a professional bike rider, I can debut in one of the grand tours . I hope I can do it the best way. I come with very good preparation. I want to take the opportunity the team has given me and give my best. I want to be able to help the leaders and learn from them the most. These three weeks are going to be a dream. I want to enjoy the most», said the 20-year-old who was part of FUN in 2016 and 2017.

Einer Rubio is completing the last week in the Giro d’Italia. A huge accomplishment.  For now he places in the top-50 of the overall standings with Movistar Team. The bike rider from Chíquiza Boyacá expressed: «I am very happy to be in my first grand tour. It is something that I always imagined and dreamed. In this Giro I am learning a lot, sharing with my colleagues. We feel great. I am trying to do my best, especially in this final week where the mountain favors us. I am happy. I will never forget this experience».

The three are an example corroborating that dreams do come true when they are pursued with conviction, faith, conscientious and oriented work. Meanwhile, at FUN we continue our work with the Under-14 and Under-16 categories, guiding Colombian teenagers in their personal and sports path with the desire to succeed, using sport as a tool for promotion and social transformation.

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