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por | Jun 5, 2021 | News

Of the 37 children we have supported from 2018 until  today, 15 have been caused by clubfoot. A congenital malformation that affects one in every thousand children. Thanks to the donors for multiplying their smiles!

On June 3, World Clubfoot Day was commemorated, the most common congenital orthopedic problem where the heels are steep and the foot turned inward. In the world one out of every thousand children is born with this condition. Of the 36 children who have been supported  by the Esteban Chaves Foundation, 15 cases have been clubfoot.

They are Jerónimo Chaves, Samuel Caicedo, Sara Álvarez, Dilan Aponte, Samuel Villamil, Eryc Ramírez, Helen Espinosa, Daniel Limas, Cléider Emiliano Córdoba, Emily Falla, Wilfran Fuentes, Adrián Fuentes, Emanuel Barbosa, Sharon Salomé Cortés and Johan Felipe Caicedo, who is on the waiting list pending the assignment of their operation.

«Dani was born with left clubfoot. A sister contacted me with the foundation and we started a wonderful process. Today his foot is not crooked and he walks at full speed. As a family it means a lot to see it with its straight march and that it can grow without that problem», says Claudia Núñez is the mother of Daniel Limas, 2 years old and operated in October 2019.

Carolina Rubio is the director of the health area of FUN Esteban Chaves in which we support, in partnership with Fundación Cardioinfantil, children and adolescents with orthopedic injuries in their stages of diagnosis, controls and operations. «Clubfoot is a condition that does not cause you pain, but that does negatively affect your mobility and also your self-esteem. It’s about somehow changing the lives of them and their families, while avoiding bullying in school”, express.

For Astrid Medina, a children’s orthopedist at Fundación Cardioinfantil and Clinica Colsanitas and a specialist in clubfoot, «the child who is not treated and grows up with this deformity will not be able to support his feet, put on his shoes or walk properly. His bones and muscles are growing abnormally. When we do the right treatment, we correct the feet we are giving it a new possibility of life and transforming its future».

In tribute

On June 3 was the birth of the renowned Spanish doctor Ignacio Ponseti, specialist in orthopedics and inventor of the method that bears his name and that is used all over the world to recover this problem by means of surgical interventions, plasters and splints. In the mid-twentieth century, thanks to his ingenuity, this doctor revolutionized the treatment of this lesion.

We tell you that a few months ago we started a project with Iowa Brace Clubfoot Solutions, a US company that provides us with high quality splints designed under the Ponseti method by an interdisciplinary team of experts, between doctors, physiotherapists and biomechanical engineers.

Thanks to this initiative at the foundation, we have a splint bank for those children who are beneficiaries of our health area and who need these elements for their rehabilitation, correct deformity and avoid relapse of the heel and foot.

Thank you always!

We want to thank all the people in Colombia and in other countries who support us with their contributions and donations, multiplying many smiles of children with orthopedic problems who need us. We want to make a mark. We want to mark your path.

After their interventions and treatments, children whose mobility and gait were affected are left with their feet in appearance and function, promoting equality and promoting social inclusion.

If you know any child or teenager with clubfoot, contact us! 📩 info@funchaves.org

Claudia Núñez, Daniel Limás and Astrid Medina.
📷Juan Felipe Rubio