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From January 16 to 23, 2022, in Bogotá and Cundinamarca we’ll carry out the selection process for our 2022 cycling team. Cool!!


If you were born between 2004 and 2005 (U16) or between 2006 and 2007 (Junior), you are Colombian or nationalized, you dream of doing the development process in our squad and you want to grow as people and progress in cycling, this is your moment!

The selection process consists of a series of filters with tests and evaluations. Each filter will be divided by sleeves according to the number of participants and the categories.

To sign up, clic here. 

You have until January 12 at 12:59 pm to register.


Saturday, January 15
Technical chat

Sunday, January 16
Gymkana Sleeves
Location: Velodrome May 1
Time: 7 am

Monday, January 17
Combined Track Test
Location: Velodrome May 1
Time: 7 am

Tuesday, January 18
Individual time trial
Place: Puente Piedra (Pte. Piedra – Alto del Vino – Climbers Chuscal – Alto del Vino)
Time: 7 am

Wednesday, January 19
CRI (flat)
Place: La Caro (Restaurant la Caro via Tunja – Clubs – La Caro)
Time: 7 am

Thursday, January 20
Laboratory Test
Place to be defined
Time: 7 am

Friday, January 21
Targeted training
Stone bridge
Time: 7 am

Saturday, January 22
Road Test
Sibaté Park (Climbers – Alto del Romeral)
Time: 8:30 am

On Sunday, January 23, the names of those selected to represent our team in the 2022 season will be delivered.

Sports regulations

Only registered cyclists who meet the requirements participate.

 The use of protective elements is mandatory (Helmet, shoes, gloves, uniform)

In an emergency, the organization will have first aid available.

Mandatory ratio: 52 x 16 U16 and 52 x 14 junior.

The use of aerodynamic material is not allowed in the CRI.

It’s mandatory for the rider to use the assigned number.

Biosafety protocols

A single companion per athlete.

Mandatory use of mask in common areas. 

Maintain social distancing.

Riders who finish the test must leave the stage. The classification will be sent to the mail and will be published on social networks.

Let’s rock and rol!!!

FUN Esteban Chsves Team seeks to develop of integral human beings through the practice of cycling and healthy competition, under the work philosophy of Esteban Chaves and the values ​​it represents: optimism, perseverance, discipline and companionship.