Rocket to the moon

por | Mar 9, 2021 | News

Antonella Tisabosa is a BMX bike rider and we have been  supporting since 2017. Joy is her biggest trait, dedication and talent are her tools to fly, jump and dream over the bike.  This March 11th  and 12th  she will be riding in the National BMX Championship in Bogota.

With the track between eyebrows, Antonella was curious about the route. She was six years old, the first time she had ever practiced BMX. She was riding a mountain bike, but the kind of bike did not matter.  The desire and impulse to practice a sport that hammered her heart, technique and strategy were the least of it. His goal was to complete the laps. And so she did.

That experience left marks, scratches and some tears. She returned to skating, which she practiced with love. However, the bici cross had gain her heart. In 2017 she decided to focus on BMX , to conquer new territories: start gate, curves, ramps. Thanks to Esteban Chaves and Mariana Pajón’s will to support youth and magnetized by their example, her passion raised.

«Esteban is very outgoing, cheerful and kind. I really like what he has done for many children with disabilities. As a bike rider, I find him very good, always has good attitude and trains a lot. It motivates me, as does Mariana Pajón, my idol», said Anto.

«I dream with traveling, knowing BMX tracks in the world. Winning medals and sharing achievements with my family. I want to be a panamerican, world and olympic champion».

Since 2017 our foundation supports her sporting process. We support her with her sports expense, including: registration to competences, transportation and equipment. «It’s very exciting to have the encouragement of such a beautiful foundation. It gives me inspiration and motivation. It has been a boost to get the trophies I have. I am very grateful for the support of my family, my friends and FUN Chaves», she said. In her wardrobe rest the trophies and medals as district and grand district champion, Peñamonte Cup champion in men’s and women’s expert category, gran national champion and the best in eight valids of Mariana Pajón Cup and the International Mariana Pajón Cup.

For Esteban, FUN Chaves co-founder and professional bike rider of the World Tour team, BikeExchange, Antonella is an admirable  and warm person. She wears our colors with personality: «Additionally to her great sports talent, she’s a girl who represents the values we promote in the Foundation. We admire her a lot. For some years we have been supporting  her in this important part of her development, her formation, so that she believes in her dreams and can fulfill them».

The goal, excellence

Pablo, her father, describes her as a persevering, talented, dedicated person. «What she proposes, she wants to do it  and  finish in the best possible way». With that mindset she faces every training, every competition. «I think the BMX is very cool. When you pass the bump you have fun, and when you go to race, you feel adrenaline. You feel free,» expressed Anto, who is in fifth grade at the Colegio Corazonista in Bogotá.

With an adventurous spirit, traveling makes her heart beat faster. She likes to visit new places and learn languages. She also likes to draw, paint and play the piano. She is doing very well in school, especially in the arts, physical education and sports. Every pedal is meticulous, detailed, with sense and at the same time spontaneous.

In his life, sport, skating and cycling are authentic teachers of life. They have been a wonderful growth toll. «When she decided to practice BMX she had all our support. We supported her in her first steps, even if they were not the best. We note that as she began her sports development, she also began to learn values of discipline, empathy, endurance, commitment and love for her sport, and to forge her personality and character», said her mother, Angie Pantoja.

The family is her engine. Here, with Angie her mother, Pablo Tibasosa her father, and Aaron, her brother.

Antonella dreams big, like rocket propulsion to the moon. Step by step, curve by curve —full of enjoyment, she takes the responsibility of a game that makes her happy—, an enormous joy finds in the competition. Her next challenge will be on the 11th and 12th of March at the BMX National Championship (10 years Ladies category) on the new El Salitre Supercross track in Bogotá.

In FUN we trust her! We wish you the best! Enjoy and deploy what you have learned and all your abilities.


A fifth place held with clenched teeth!