Six runners, one goal: the Vuelta del Porvenir 2020

Dic 11, 2020 | News

From December 15 to December 18, we will participate in the Vuelta del Porvenir. The most important U-18 competition in Colombian cycling. We are happy to finish this year doing what we like most!

These are great news for the FUN team. More because this difficult year we are living under  the Covid-19 global pandemic  has led to the cancellation and/or postponement of different competitions and events. The bike riders who will be represent us in the Vuelta del Porvenir —the race we focus on year after year in our U-18 squad— will be Maycol Correa, Brayam Usaquén, Óscar Blanco, Paulo César Pantoja, Camilo Aguilar and Santiago Granados.

These riders were selected from the whole squad of nine U-18 Bike riders in the team this year. «The selection of the team was not easy. Every rider is prepared and has worked very well. We are going to compete in this race with a group that is as homogeneous and compact as possible where each one plays an important role. We’re looking forward to it», said Wilson Sandoval, sports manager and coach of FUN team.

Camilo Aguilar is 19 years old and was born in Soatá, Boyacá: «I am very happy. After this year I am excited to participate in this race. It is very gratifying. I am grateful for the trust. As a team we have prepared very well, working strong and cohesive».

Santiago Granados is from Bogota and is 18 years old. «It is very nice to see the results of all the work done. It will be very nice to race again. We are with a very positive mind. We want to be protagonists, «he said.

To Casanare we will be traveling with a full staff including: Wilson Sandoval, John Maldonado, technical assistant, Paula Álvarez, physiotherapist, Gelvis Santamaría, mechanic, Mauricio Casas, logistics coordinator, Santiago Puentes, logistics assistant and Jairo Chaves, general manager of FUN.

Participating in this race will help young riders to gain more experience and our staff, to continue adding kilometers and to continue growing at the organizational and structural level.

During the season we have worked on different components within a comprehensive training plan: performance, watt progression, technique, skill and strategy. Experience, compliance and responsibility are key factors that we also take into account when choosing the FUN Team that represents us in different races.

In FUN we work with the support of sports sciences, including physiotherapy and sports medicine. A few days ago, the young bike rider of the FUN team, including those selected for the Vuelta del Porvenir, attended medical check-ups and routine laboratory examinations through which we monitored their state of health and ensured their well-being.

Outstanding results of FUN in the Vuelta del Porvenir:

  • 2016: Third place in the team classification. Outstanding performance by Santiago Buitrago, winner of two stages and Daniel Mendez.
  • 2017: Santiago Buitrago, third in the general classification and Méndez fifth; and fourth in the team classification.
  • 2018: Daniel Méndez, second in the general standings and second in the team standings.
  • 2019: two top-20 in the general standings: Luis González and Jonathan Bustamante; and fifth in the team standings.

In the 2017 edition, Santi Buitrago, Bahrain-McLaren rider, climbed to the third place of the podium finishing an excellent performance.

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In 2018 Daniel Méndez, current cyclist of the continental team Kern Pharma, placed second. Daniel Arroyave (Ramguflex) and Marlon Castro (Nariño Governorate) completed the podium.

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