Thank you, Risaralda!

por | Oct 19, 2021 | News

We’re happy to have participated in the Clásica Rubén Darío Gómez, a wonderful race that brings us beautiful memories and that always leaves us teachings that enrich. In addition, Fernando Velosa (U16) and David Montaña (junior) were the champions!

In Risaralda, in the middle of the Eje Cafetero, we enjoyed a very special experience as a team. From 16 to 18 October, we were part, with both categories, of the XI Classic Rubén Darío Gómez. With all the advance and the early and youthful artillery we add experience, baggage and knowledge from that unique teacher: the competition.

A committed and trained staff accompanied the cyclists in this adventure: Wilson Sandoval (sports director and Junior DT), Jhon Maldonado (U16 DT), Gelvis Santamaría (mechanic), Camilo Fuentes (logistics coordinator), Mario Palacios (mechanical assistant) and Andrés Vera (auxiliary).

The first stage was a 7 km chrono scale, from Puente San Francisco to Marseille. He tested speed and dexterity in a mixed terrain with lots of wind and also heat. The second stage, from La Virginia to Apia, was the queen test. It was 75 kilometers, with mountain stretches. In this stage we finished first with David Montaña and Sebastián Bolívar. To close the curtain, the circuit in Pereira. In both categories we achieved the title: Fernando Velosa in U16) and David Montaña in Junior. Congratulations to all FUN cyclists for their dedication, contribution and commitment.

In FUN Chaves the sporting result is not an end in itself, it is a consequence of a development process that is based on the values of companionship, teamwork, perseverance, discipline that Esteban Chaves has taught us.

General standings

cool U16
🥇 Fernando Velosa
11 – Sebastián Bolívar
15 – Erick Parra
17 – Juan Zamudio (mountain champion and flying goals)
23 – Jesús Sánchez
24 – Kevin Roa

cool Junior
🥇 David Montaña (mountain and intermediate sprints champion)
5 – Nicolás Gómez
20 – Víctor Contreras
21 – Daniel Zorro
22 – Erik Santiago Acosta


🗨️  Fernando Velosa: “I am very happy. We have been preparing this race very well. It’s a triumph of the whole team».

🗨️ David Montaña: «Very happy, grateful to all the people, my coach Wilson, my family, the staff, and my teammates».

Wilson Sandoval: «Congratulations to the organization for this race. we always like to be by the demand of this competition. We’re very happy. We come in a very interesting process with both categories.

🗨️Jhon Maldonado: «The balance is excellent. We have good luck, the objectives set could be met. We made a great teamwork, being able to work for a leader, holding the shirts. That’s meritorious, motivating and that fills us with pride”.


📷  Steven Tae / Liga Risaraldense de Ciclismo


For us competing in the Clásica Rubén Darío Gómez is always exciting and brings us special memories. Three of the cyclists promoted from our quarry, Einer Rubio from the Movistar Team, Santiago Buitrago from the Team Bahrain Victorius and Daniel Méndez from Equipo Kern Pharma, the first two in the World Tour category and the last one, one step below, in the ProTeam platoon, completed very good presentations in this race with triumphs included

They, with their example and perseverance, have also marked and opened the way for us and have been a mirror and a reflection.

In this competition, which serves as preparation for the Vuelta del Porvenir, in early November, we were accompanied by the allied brands, Bioracer, 14 Ochomiles, Tempo Cycling, Going Nutrición, Shimano and Yajá Arepas de Origen. Thank you for believing in Colombia’s youth cycling!