The FUN Box campaign was a success!

por | May 3, 2021 | News, Noticias

The third edition of the sports equipment donation campaign has been the best since we started this strategy in 2018 partnered with 14 OCHOMILES. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Despite the restrictions caused by the pandemic and the health emergency we are living, FUN Box 2020 – 2021 has been the most successful of the three we have organized. We received hundreds of garments, jerseys, slippers, trousers, collars, bicycles, helmets, rollers, and much more from almost 200 donors.

 We want to thank everyone who participated. The equipment will be given to children and teenagers who like cycling and who practice it in clubs and academies in the country that work with passion and few resources. Each garment is a great contribution to their sports processes that motivates them to continue pedaling for fun and also to fulfill their dreams and goals.

The philosophy of FUN Box is to share with those who need us, to “re-signify” what we have in good condition and that we do not use, and to give them a new value.

We are better together

Hector Cruz: «My family and I have donated a bike. We know that it will surely make a boy or a girl happy. We were motivated to join this initiative to contribute in the dreams and lives of young people who practice cycling. For us it is a very big emotion.»

Xiomara Galindo: «Together with my husband Sebastián we decided to donate and give smiles. I knew about the Foundation a long time ago. We found out and brought accessories that we didn’t use because there is always a child who needs it and who would  like it. It gives us great joy to come to their lives and transform them from small actions».

Our CEO Jairo Chaves feels happy with the results of the third season. «We collected many clothes and for the first time came bikes. We’re already getting everything ready to deliver the garments to school and club. Thank you so much to all those who participated by joining “multiplicando sonrisas” «.

John Hernandez is marketing director of 14 OCHOMILES. «It was a success. We exceeded the expectations. We want to warmly thank the people and families who came to our stores to support low-income children and young bike riders».

Collector’s piece

 During  this campaign, we awarded among the participants the 2020 official jersey of our co-founder Esteban Chaves. A jewel of collection. The winner was Rafael Melo. «Very nice jersey. I want to congratulate them on the work they are doing to promote cycling among young people”, said.

Soon we will start the delivering all this donations across Colombia. Year after year the campaign gains more strength and is positioning itself in the city. We hope to grow in more places in the country with an essential message: share, give, be aware that together we are better and that we can transform realities. Because small actions make a difference!

If you have clothes or accessories you want to donate and multiplies smiles, know how can do it 👉