The joy of giving

Jul 18, 2021 | News

More than 40 children and young people from the cycling school from the Instituto de Recreación y Deporte of Tenjo received cycling equipment that we gathered together with 14 OCHOMILES in the FUN Box last edition.


In the Tenjo’s Sports Center on a windy day we gathered in one more day of delivery of sports equipment to continue #MultiplicandoSonrisas in the childhood and youth of Colombia.

This time more than 30 girls, boys and young people who are part of the cycling school of InderTen and who practice that sport from the children and recreational categories to the youth performance went happily with helmets, uniforms, sweaters, glasses, gloves, stockings and neck scarf.

This material was collected in the FUN Box 2020-2021 campaign that we organized together with 14 OCHOMILES in which about 200 people participated in Bogotá and also in other cities of Colombia donating clothing, accessories and cycling equipment in good condition. Reusing, re-signifying and giving them new value is one of the objectives of this initiative.


🗨️  Alison Hernandez (7 years old): «They gave me a uniform, a helmet, a case with glasses, a neck, two pairs of stockings and a nightcap. The neck that has lemons or oranges painted was the one I liked the most. Thanks to the Esteban Chaves Foundation for all this».

🗨️  Jairo Chaves, CEO of FUN Esteban Chaves: «The idea is to motivate them to continue cycling and have fun. The message we will also give you is to know that there is a way to fulfill dreams: to believe in them and to walk with discipline and dedication».

🗨️  Rosa Elvira Sosa, mother of Ximena and Diana Carolina: «It is very gratifying to have these aids. They serve girls a lot. Sometimes there are no resources for uniforms, for example, then it is very good. Thanks to all the people who donated, to FUN Chaves and to 14 OCHOMILES».

🗨️ Ismael Maecha, director of InderTenjo: «We celebrate this important initiative to further motivate the work we have been doing with these boys in their sports and also personal process. Thank you for giving us this support and for sharing these gifts».

We are so happy that this day has been so well received and that these children and young people have left happy with the cases, gloves and sweaters on, even if it was for their homes. We want to thank all the people who donated to FUN Box 2020-2021, the third edition of this campaign that has consolidated and is growing very strongly.

Small actions make a difference. Together, as a team, we can transform realities and contribute to people’s lives, in this case young people who play sports and need our support, with simple and transformative gestures.

If you want to contribute or join in donating cycling equipment, click here.