The pace of dreams

por | Mar 25, 2021 | News

Although the relationship is a little old, in 2020 Tempo Cycling became an official sponsor of our FUN Team. We are glad this support continues this year.

This season Tempo Cycling supports the sports project of our FUN Team. This is the second consecutive year where this Colombian company bets on youth cycling. Tempo Cycling provides us with the cleaners and synthetic lubricants Muc-Off, which is prestigious British brand founded in 1994. Their products are environmentally friendly and Tempo Cycling is  an official importer and distributor in Colombia .

Rodrigo Guillén is director of Tempo Cycling. For him, the alliance with our foundation is  rich and gives hope to our present. «We believe in the development and opportunities provided by sport. It is a pillar of human and collective growth that helps to  build a better society. We are proud to contribute and be part of a dream that supports youth, key in the development of any country and more of ours».

«For FUN Chaves, allies like Tempo are key in our project. Having their support through Muc-Off makes us dream”, said Juan Felipe Silva, brand director of the Esteban Chaves Foundation. «Giving our team the best quality tools is a priority and makes a difference when it comes to competing. We hope to have more partnerships at this level”, he added.

In 2015 Tempo was a pioneer by merging two  passions in Colombian culture: cycling and coffee. The brand also  has  specialized gadgets for bike lovers and a great workshop where they provide bike maintenance  with human warmth and professionalism.

With the company that provides us the products we use to clean and lubricate our bikes in which we pedal pursuing dreams, we are growing practically in parallel given that our cycling team was born in 2016. In the vision of both organizations is the Colombia flag present  to boost Colombian bike riders to reach the elite and aim for a better future for youth in our country.

Take the time to visit their website. It’s worth it! 👉