Welcome, Yajá Arepas de Origen

por | Sep 25, 2021 | News

Good news! We notice that our youth cycling team has a new partner: Yajá Arepas de Origen, a company that is committed to youth cycling and we ‘re proud to welcome.

This 100% Colombian brand was born a year and a half ago with the purpose of recovering and grouping in a single letter some of the most representative and delicious arepas of the gastronomic culture of Colombia.

«Nothing more rewarding than giving and sharing, more when it comes to supporting the most popular sport in Colombia and especially the FUN of Esteban Chaves, who develop the young talents of Colombian cycling integrally», says Jorge Roa, owner and manager of Yajá Arepas de Origen.

In Wayú, Yajá means corn mixture. In this restaurant where you will live a spectacular experience located at kilometer 2.5, via Chia-Cajicá, you will find eight different types of Colombian arepas, all prepared by hand, from the grinding of corn. We do not use flours, nor any chemicals or preservatives.

Together with the members of the cycling team we will frequently visit their facilities, we will make base to go out to roll when the trainings directed in that area of the savannah north of Bogota and we will enjoy the best artisanal Colombian arepas in the region.

At FUN Esteban Chaves we are happy to know that national brands and enterprises such as Yajá Arepas de Origen join with enthusiasm and conviction to support our cycling team in which we work in comprehensive training processes with a purpose, guide young cyclists and accompany them on their way to their dreams.