When dreams come true

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In the sports area of FUN, we have the FUN team (Under-14 and Under-16 categories) created in 2016. In this project we support the development of young talents encouraging them to become better human beings. We recognize the impact that sports have in the personal life of young athletes. During these five years we have seen several bike riders grow and because of their values, their talent and especially their grit, they reached the highest level of the world of cycling. Our philosophy in the team is to work with passion and love. «We want to guide you on your path and provide you with the tools to believe in your dreams and fulfill them. We shape the person simultaneously with the athlete in order to prepare them to join different national and international professional teams. The personal satisfaction lays on watching them grow and achieve their dreams «, said Wilson Sandoval, FUN’s sports director and coach. Santiago Buitrago and Einer Rubio are in UCI World Tour teams , the elite of cycling. Daniel Mendez is a UCI Continental team, the next step down. Luis González, Brayan Malaver, Jhon Alonso, Nicolás Borrás and Diomedes Velandia, in elite and under-23 teams in Europe. While Kevin Brito, Jhon Calderón and Daniel Gutiérrez are members of that category in Colombia.

Einer Rubio

The 22 years old bike rider was Born in Chíquiza, Boyacá. Today he rides for the Movistar Team. In 2016 he was one of the bike riders in the first team of FUN (Benros-FUN). He won the Vuelta a Risaralda and reached several podiums, among them the Clasica Soacha and the Clasica Esteban Chaves. Before landing at Movistar he was part of the Vejus Team of Italy. As under-23 he was second in the U-23 Giro d’Italia, fourth in Mont Blanc and Venezia Giulia and top-12 in Coppi e Bartali. He is the first bike rider from the FUN Team to participate in one of the Big Races of cycling, the 2020 Giro d’Italia. «Being on the FUN Team was very enriching. I learned to believe in my dreams, and in sports, I developed my skills and knowledge. I have very nice memories».

Santi Buitrago

This 20-year-old from Bogota is part of Bahrain McLaren. He was top-15 on the Tour de Luxembourg, top-20 on the Santos Tour Down Under and sixth on Mont Blanc. He was in FUN in 2016 (Benros-FUN) and 2017 (Bike House) as a U-16. Some of his most outstanding achievements in that process were third in the Vuelta al Porvenir, champion of the Clasica Soacha and second place in the Clasica San Gil, the micro Vuelta al Valle and the Clasica Boyacá. Before jumping to the WT he was at AV Villas Team and Cinelli Team in Italy. «In my years at the foundation I learned a lot. The people I met left their mark on me. It was a contribution to my human and sports training. More than a team was a family. I carry them in my heart».

Daniel Méndez

Also a 20-year-old from Bogotá, he is part of Kern Pharma Team in Spain. Team that wnet to the Vuelta a Burgos 2020 and he placed top-50. He was in the FUN Team between 2016 and 2018 (B-Shop), in Under-16 and Under-18 categories. Some relevant sport results were second place in the Vuelta del Futuro and second and fifth place in the Vuelta al Porvenir. After being in FUN he traveled to Portugal to an internship with the Bairrada Cycling Team. After that experience he arrived at AV Villas Team. «It helped me grow as a person and as a bike rider. At FUN I was taught to work hard for what I want, to be constant, responsable and never faint in bad times».

Brayan Malaver

Born in Tunja, Boyacá, Malaver’s current team is the Vejus Team of Italy. He recently celebrates his 19th birthday. He was part of the FUN Team in 2019 in the U-18 category. Some of his greatest achievements were the title in the Clasica Risaralda and the second place in the Clasica Esteban Chaves and in the Clasica Soacha. In his new squad he participated in the Giro d’Italia under-23, occupying the 21st place in the general standings and the fourth in the youth classification. «At FUN we were a family. I felt like everyone was doing their best so I could grow up in the sport, and as a person, I got important bases. Learning about punctuality and discipline. It was the best experience, fundamental in my training».

Jhon Alonso

From Facatativá, Cundinamarca, he is 19 and his current team is the INCA Team of France. In the FUN team he was in 2017 (Under-16) and 2018-2019 (Under-18). Some outstanding results were fifth place in the Clasica Carmen of Viboral, fourth in the Clasica Esteban Chaves and winner of the last stage and fifth in the general classification of the Clasica of Soacha. Because of an internship between FUN Team and Team INCA in 2019 he traveled to France to live an experience in that French team. Afterwards, he officially joined the team. «At FUN I learned to be more professional, to fall down and get up, to see the sport differently and to work hard for a dream. The values of dedication, perseverance and discipline to face challenges. These have been great lessons».

Diomedes Velandia

19 years ago, he was born in San Mateo, Boyacá. He also belongs to the INCA Team. He participated in the FUN team in 2019 as a U-18 bike rider. Some of the most important achievements he accomplished with us were: eighth overall in the Clasica Rubén Darío Gómez, fourth in the Clasica Esteban Chaves and top-12 in the Clasica Soacha. «FUN means family, team, joy and dreams. I grew up there as a person, I learned to take care of myself, to be responsible. The memory of a family struggling in every race day after day always with a smile and working very hard together».

Luis González

Luis is from Turmequé, Boyacá and is 19 years old. Today he represents Team Brilla from Italy. In 2017 he participated in the FUN team in the U-16 and in 2019 in Under-18 category. Some of his outstanding achievements were: second overall in the Clasica Soacha and winner of the queen stage and top-13 in the Vuelta del Futuro, the best of our squad, third in the Clasica La Guadua, top-12 in the Clasica Esteban Chaves, fourth in the Clasica Soacha and top-13 in the Vuelta al Porvenir. «I learned to be responsible with the team and also with myself. To be disciplined, punctual and train with great dedication. I feel that I have grown as a person and as a bike rider. This has taught me to value everything in life».

Kevin Brito

Kevin is 19 years old and he is also from Bogotá. Today, he is part of the team Colnago CM. He was part of FUN in 2017 in the U-16 category. He participated in the Vuelta del Futuro, in the Clasica of Soacha and in the Clasica Esteban Chaves. «For me it was a great learning, as it was my first year riding a bike. I learned key life lessons. I was taught the importance of education and discipline. I put everything into practice in my life and in the team, I have been on».

Jhon Alejandro Calderón

Jhon is from Fusagasugá, Cundinamarca and his current team is Colnago CM. He is 19 years old and between 2016 and 2017 he was part of the FUN Team. His important results were 13th in the Clasica Esteban Chaves 2016, third in the National Championship 2016 and champion of the Vuelta a Santander 2017. «I was one of the pioneers of the FUN team. I am happy and grateful for that step. It was a great support and motivation for my sporting career and for my life. I am glad to know that they still support young people».

Daniel Gutiérrez

Born in San Gil, Santander, his current team is Sundark Arawak. Before joining it he lived in Europe doing an internship under-23 at the Aran Cucine Vejus in Italy. He participated in the FUN team in 2017 in the U-18 category. With FUN he was Departmental champion, fourth in the Vuelta de Antioquia, third in the Vuelta a Cundinamarca and the best Colombian in the Tour of L’Abitibi in Canada. «Very grateful to the team, because it helped me train as a bike rider during my first steps. My memories are great, full of gratitude huge pride».

Nicolás Borrás

This 18-year-old from Bogotá wore the FUN uniform in 2019 in the U-18 category. This year, he participated in the national road schedule. As outstanding achievements in the FUN Team, top-20 of the time trial of the Vuelta del Porvenir. A few days ago, we were noticed with great joy that he will join the Team INCA next season. «Going through FUN was the most important experience I’ve ever had. It opened my eyes to the possibility of fulfilling my dream of being a professional bike rider, improving not only on the bike, but as a professional in every sense of the word».

Sergio Granados

Since 2016 until 2018 this 20 year old from Bogota was in the U-16 &U-18 FUN Teams. His major achievement was first place in the «Vuelta a Cundinamarca» in 2017. In 2020 he had an outstanding performance in «La Vuelta de la Juventud» with the FUN-Team Inca Team where he placed in the 38th position and was constantly in breakaways winning sprints. Thanks to his, the Team Inca, french team and academy of Ag2r decided to add him in their squad for 2021.

«The process in FUN left me great things. There they taught me to be a a hard working and professional bike rider, but among it to be a great person with values, humbleness, responsibility and warmth. That is the great mark.»